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The Betomix range is a modular building set system that meets versatile customer wishes with regard to design and equipment. The latest Liebherr mixing systems enable quality concrete to be produced economically.

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Learn How To Clean Potted Plant Stains from Concrete

How To Clean Potted Plant Stains from Concrete. M ove a potted plant that has been resting directly on an unprotected concrete surface, and you will likely find an unsightly ring. Iron from the soil and from the fertilizer in the soil leaches out and oxidizes upon contact with moisture and air.

Ultimate Guide to Living Green Walls

Living green walls are comprised of plants that are inserted into a growing medium and then places on the wall of buildings and properties to provide greenery and the benefits of plants, but using a minimum of horizontal space. An ...

Super Simple Concrete Block Garden – Bonnie Plants

And voila—your concrete block raised bed is ready to plant! Be sure to choose Bonnie Plants® to get a strong start toward a great harvest (look for the Bonnie logo!) and follow the spacing guidelines on the plant tags. Water immediately after planting and then whenever the top inch of soil is dry.

Growing Plants on Rock Walls

I have some rock walls that I would like to have sedum and vinca grow in the wall. I've tried adding some dirt and in some places that was easy. But the vinca died, which I thought was supposed to be a hardy plant.

Used Concrete Block Machines for sale. Schwing equipment

Zenith 940S 48"X 39" Full Auto Super Traveler Machine Brick Block Maker -2 units (#15615) Manufacturer: Zenith; Used for the mass production of brick or block s 2 units available - Manufacture years 1996 and 2000 Back concrete hopper volume (loader feeding) 1200 l Back concrete hopper volume (conveyor feeding) 2000 l Face c...

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STEPABLES.COM - Plants that tolerate foot traffic

Under A Foot Plant Company has been dedicated for 25 years to finding fantastic plants that are durable, dependable and tough for your landscaping needs. When you use our plants under your feet, around your shrubs, or over your retaining wall, you can rest assured that we have put these plants through rigorous testing to ensure that they not ...

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How to Plant in Pots

The Ingredients Clockwise from left: Container garden essentials include a pot with a flared mouth, potting soil, a trowel, slow-release fertilizer beads, a mix of plants, feet to elevate containers and keep from trapping moisture on wooden decks, pruners to tidy up plants, pottery shards to place over drainage holes, and gardening gloves.

How to prevent mold and mildew from growing on your patio

Oct 31, 2017 · How to prevent mold and mildew from growing on your patio. ... Many years ago I couldn’t understand how it could grow on solid rock, precast concrete or brick, but now it’s crystal clear to me

Top 10 Fast Growing Climbers - Most Vigorous & evergreen

Apr 19, 2019 · These fast growing climbers use a clingy root to attach themselves and get comfortable with the walls and the garden frame to grow towards the sun. So about the growing capacity, well, I think you might need a tad bit of a bigger space for this one to grow because it sometimes does reach the maximum level of 50ft once they get going.

Growing Plants On Walls

2011/04/24 · Tiny gardens particularly benefit from walls clothed in brightly coloured flowering plants. Most climbers take up a minimum of ground space and so allow room Espalier fruit trees can be trained against a wall, as can a Grape Vine. ...

11 plants for cracks and crevices

11 plants for cracks and crevices Val Bourne / 15 August 2014 Tweet Gardening expert Val Bourne on how to brighten up bare stone areas of the garden with low-growing plants. Paving provides a cool, damp area that's perfect for ...

Plants for Retaining Walls

They visually break up the building’s blank gray wall with big and bold plants combined with light and delicate. This look can be scaled down to work beautifully in a home garden. Retaining walls — whether they are made of poured concrete, concrete blocks, or stacked railroad ties–are often the most unloved features in a landscape. The ...

Garden Guides | Plants That Will Attach to a Stucco Wall & Creep Up

Spruce up your stucco wall with a colorful and easy-growing plant. Creeping flowers and vines are the ideal plant to use for growing up and around the wall for a stunning wall design. Perennial vines that come back each year stronger and fuller are ideal for creating a

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Climbers for a South-Facing Wall - BBC Gardeners'

2019/08/19 · Discover some the best climbers for a south-facing wall, including climbing plants for fragrance and wildlife, from the experts at BBC Gardeners' World Magazine. Planting in hot spots If you’re planting a climber in a hot ...

Best Vines For Brick Walls - Tips On Choosing Vines For Brick

The classic, elegant effect of ivy on the walls of a stately home is one that many of us wish to mimic. Covering brick walls with vines is also an excellent way to cover up any damage or repaired masonry that doesn’t match. Vigorously growing vines are a natural cover up and add Old World appeal to even a modest rancher. Make a list of the ...

Best Succulent Wall Planters (and Inspiration)

Hanging succulent pots are the way you can decorate your walls the most freely. Containers are arrayed on the wall surface vertically, while the plants are not actually growing in vertical. The idea is simply changing the planar which the plants are placed.

How to Decorate Block Walls With Plants

Concrete block walls provide sturdy and durable fencing, retaining walls and planters, but their appearance leaves something to be desired. The uniformity and dull color of many walls disappears, however, when you add plants, whose color and form add visual interest and drama to the wall. Whether your wall is close to ...

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Removing Black Mold inside, behind and on walls

Black Mold on Walls. Removing the problem from a painted or non-painted wall can be quite challenging. If you have visible problem with it growing on the walls, there is a chance it is also growing inside of the walls, which usually means removing the wall.

What to Plant in Concrete Planters

Use concrete planters, with good drainage, for any kind of plant. If the planter is solid, with no drainage, create an attractive display with a series of smaller pots set down into it. Concrete planters work well in wet spots according to United States Department of Agriculture, “Working With Wet Spots.

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Do Climbing Plants Damage Walls? – Laidback Gardener

It was also once believed that vines grown on walls could damage them through excessive humidity and it does seem logical that a wall covered in foliage would remain more humid than a wall exposed to the sun. However, it turns out climbing plants actually protect against excessive humidity by keeping rain off the wall to …

Air Motor Dry Mix Concrete Spraying Equipment

Features of SPZ Series Pneumatic Dry Shotcrete Machine: 1. SPZ Series Dry Shotcrete Machine can be driven by electric motor, diesel engine, and pneumatic motor. 2. Dry Shotcrete Machine are consisted of driving device, rotor assembly, air system, concrete spraying system, control panel, electric motor (diesel engine, or pneumatic motor) etc. 3.

Diarmuid Gavin's top picks of climbing plants

2016/08/15 · One of the first steps when you are creating a new garden is to disguise boundaries. This is especially so when you are dealing with ugly fences or concrete walls. It's a job that you can do in ...

Experience Betomix

Experience the diversity and capability of the horizontal mixing plants from the Betomix range by Liebherr. View the video
The video demonstrates the diversity and capability of the horizontal mixing plants from the Betomix range by Liebherr.


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Flexible, mobile mixing plants are required particularly for temporary use on site. The Liebherr Mobilmix saves time and costs when transporting. Mobilmix

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